Gianfranco Ghidossi is an electrical engineer with a passion for wine and winemaking that he has picked up from his father, Silvio, who used to cultivate a small vineyard at home. Although the output was modest – based on a few hundred kilos of Merlot grapes – it was enough to inspire Gianfranco to develop the wine that was his Dad’s pride and joy.
So in 1991, he set his great friend, leading architect Aurelio Galfetti, the challenge of designing a winery for him on a plot of land in Cadenazzo in the foothills of the Monte Ceneri.
The first Ghidossi winery was built the following year, a modern and lovingly detailed affair with proper professional facilities for Gianfranco to produce his creations. With passion, determination and meticulous care, he began developing his wines – and kept improving them. He soon won his first gold medals at international competitions with the wine that bears his nickname: “Saetta”, the lightning bolt.

Gianfranco’s son Davide quickly caught the wine bug, after helping out in the vineyard and the winery as a boy. He too has chosen a life in wine, graduating in Oenology and Winemaking from Changins (EIC), the national centre of excellence for the Swiss wine industry. After broadening his experience in Vallese, Vaud, Geneva and Australia, he decided to join the family firm.

As production grew, the Cadenazzo winery became too small to handle all the grapes. When more land was acquired in the Malcantone area, a new winery was sorely needed. The chosen location was Croglio, where a new facility was built along the River Tresa under the expert eye of architect Luca Moro.
Nestling amid the Merlot vineyards, the winery is a mix of the modern and the traditional, a fusion of nature, stone and wood, the two materials closest to Canton Ticino’s heart.

The loving attention to detail that this family winemaker puts into cultivating their vines to exacting standards, focusing on high quality and low volumes, enables them to create wines of great personality and character, wines that surprise and delight enthusiasts of all tastes.