A modern “rustico” (bothy) in a Ticino vineyard for a countryman engineer

Aurelio Galfetti begins the brief design notes for this building on the edge of the Magadino plain in pithy vein, almost in verse – although it could also be the title of a classic technical manual.
It is an architecture and a philosophy of life, perfectly distilled into a few essential concepts:
“[…] Today, an electronic system provides the same or better conditions for wine compared to the good old traditional cellars. What can our era add to two rows of aluminium-and-glass cabinets, one for the reds, one for the whites? Many things.

A table large enough to tempt you to linger in good company amid the bottles; two generous windows for enjoying the view of the vineyard and the centuries-deep landscape in comfort – whatever the weather, whatever the season; and two walls and a cement roof to enclose it all. But where is there room for nostalgia?

In a pergola of blue wisteria covering the cement and glass, the light softens, the aluminium shutters seem less brusque, and the floor of machine-cut and -polished local stone and the glued-wood table vaguely recall those of bygone days […]”.
Abitare magazine, November 2003. Read the full article in the reviews section.

The 17,000-m2 vineyard with its 4,000 vines occupies a clearing in a chestnut wood along the Monte Ceneri road.

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